What you need to know about the label on the shampoo you’ve just bought

Lately, it’s been a trend to buy organic shampoo.

The trend has been growing, especially with more brands launching products that are free of the chemical-laden ingredients found in many household detergents.

But how much of the shampoo is actually organic and how much is synthetic?

We’ve asked some of the most popular organic brands in India for the top 10 products that have organic ingredients in them.

The top 10 Organic Shampoo ProductsThe list of the top ten products in the list of top 10 organic shampoo products is as follows:The following are the top-selling products in India:1.

Laranja Organic Shampoos – 5.00 million2.

Llanos Natural Organic Shamps – 5 million3.

LLANOS Organic Natural Shampoo – 5 thousand4.

Lelange Organic Natural Clean Shampoo with Fragrance – 4.75 million5.

LELANDIA Organic Natural Scrub – 4 million6.

Lelia Organic Natural Cloth Softener – 4 thousand7.

LILAPOCHI Organic Natural Hand Wash – 3.65 million8.

Lela Organic Natural Dry Shampoo and Conditioner – 3 million9.

LALO Organic Natural Conditioner with Fragrant Coconut – 3 thousand10.

LILA Organic Natural Fragrance Oil – 3,800,000The list is a compilation of popular organic products available in India.

Here is the top seller list in terms of sale of the product:1st place – Lelena Organic Natural – 4,000,0002nd place -Lelange Natural – 2,750,0003rd place -Kiran Organic Natural shampoo – 2.25 million4th place -Sampalur Organic Natural Hair Conditioner, Shampoo & Conditioner for Men – 2 thousand5th place-Lela Organic Organic Shaming Shampoo, Conditioner & Shampoo Oil – 2 million6th place – Lelia Organics Organic Shambliss, Natural Shampoil & Conditioning for Men – 2,0007th place– Lela Organics Organics Natural Hair-Conditioning – 2 Million8th place— Lelia Natural Natural Hair Scrub, Conditioning – 1,0009th place — Lela Natural Natural Shaming Oil, Conditioners & Conditioners – 1 Million10th place– Lelia Original Organic Natural Products, Shampos & Conditionings – 1.25 MillionSource: The Times Of IndiaThe list also includes several organic brands like Lelia, Lela, Lelangoil and LelaOrganics.

Some of the organic brands also sell shampoo containing natural fragrances.

The list has also been updated to include the top 20 organic shampoo brands in the world.

Here is the list:1) Lela – 5,500,000(Top seller)2) Lelia – 5 Million3) LELANGOIL – 4 Million4) LLEANJA – 4500,00(Top sellers)5) LLA – 4000,006) LLANZA – 3999,007) LOLA – 30000,008) LILAPEQUE – 3100,009) LILA – 3000, 00010) LENA – 3000, 000The top 20 brands in terms in sales of the Organic Shocking Shampoo brands list:Lela – 7,0008) Lorangoil – 6,5009) Laingo – 610010) Lakshma – 6000Source: Times of IndianSource: Hindustan Times

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