How to keep your hair and nails looking fresh and free of dead skin cells

We are now all familiar with the phenomenon of dead hair and hair that does not feel natural.

However, there is a different issue when it comes to the scalp.

While it is generally accepted that the scalp is alive, a recent study in the journal Nature showed that some of our hair is actually living.

The researchers believe this living hair has a higher risk of damage than that of other living hair.

In the study, researchers analysed hair samples from 60 participants and compared their growth with a control group of healthy, uncooked hair samples.

The control group had a much lower level of hair cells, meaning that they could not tell if the samples were healthy or dead.

As well as being more sensitive to micro-organisms, living hair is also more susceptible to damage from harmful chemicals, as the researchers found.

These chemicals include alcohol, benzene, and toluene, as well as some synthetic compounds like propylene glycol and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

The results of this study show that living hair contains less healthy hair cells and therefore has a lower risk of disease.

In fact, the researchers say, living and dead hair may be equivalent in terms of their susceptibility to harmful chemicals.

The researchers say that this study provides a much more accurate picture of how our hair may perform in the future than previous studies have.

For instance, it may be possible to create a new type of synthetic hair, one that is able to absorb and detoxify harmful chemicals and also retain its own cells.

The result could be a completely new type, which could be used for treatments, cosmetics and more.

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