UK’s top 5 shampoo brands: bria, organic, shampoo, nordstroms

UK’s biggest supermarket chains have revealed the top five shampoo brands, with bria and organic brands dominating the top 10.

Here’s how they stack up. 1.

bria Organics is the UK’s largest organic brand and the second-largest organic shampoo brand behind only Nordstroms, which owns Nourish and Tide brands.

The company says its shampoo contains “the purest, purest ingredients and is made with natural ingredients”.

Its range also includes organic cotton, organic hair care products, organic skin care products and other organic ingredients.

“It’s all about the product, it’s all in the name,” says bria’s marketing manager for the UK, Paul Johnson.

“You want to be sure that you’re buying the right shampoo for your skin type and your hair.

It’s not just about being a shampoo.”


nordshops Bespoke Shampoo is the only UK brand to have been named best shampoo brand of the year by BBC Food magazine.

The brand is based in Glasgow and is owned by the same family of owners as the well-known luxury shampoo brand, Nordstrom.

“Nordstrom has a lot of brands that are selling good products,” says Paul Johnson, marketing manager at Bespoked Shampoo.

“The best thing about Nordstrom is that we’re the first UK brand with a shampoo made with our own ingredients and the best shampoo in the world.”


Nordstrom’s Nourishes shampoo has a “fresh and natural scent” and is formulated to give a “thick and smooth feel”, says its packaging.

It is made from 100 per cent natural ingredients and contains “natural botanicals and natural ingredients that help create a fresh and natural fragrance”.


Bespokes Bespoking Shampoo has “100 per cent organic ingredients”, and is “made with natural botanics and natural chemicals”, says the packaging.

The shampoo contains 100 per-cent organic cotton and 100 per year of organic hair oil.

It has a fresh, natural scent, and is blended with a “shampoo that will leave your skin feeling clean, fresh and smooth”.


Nourished Shampoo, which has been “in the forefront of innovation in the shampoo market for a very long time”, is a “great, simple and effective alternative to many of the top brands”, says marketing director for Nourishment and Bespoken Shampoo Shampoo brand, Kate Peltier.

It stays on your hair and is great for sensitive skin. “

Our shampoo is designed to have a thick and smooth, so you don’t feel it when you shower, or when you rinse it off.

It stays on your hair and is great for sensitive skin.

It also leaves your skin smelling fresh and clean.”

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