Organic shampoo has made a name for itself in the organic shampoo market

The number of organic shampoo brands in the UK is increasing, and there are now at least seven organic companies, according to figures from the UK Organic Retailers Association. 

 While the number of natural shampoo brands rose to 1,868, organic shampoo was the second-most popular with 5,719. 

The number of synthetic shampoo brands dropped to 790. 

Shampoo is used to make a hair-dryer, hairbrush and shampoo can be made with other ingredients such as baking soda, salt, coconut oil and more. 

Organic shampoo brands have had a successful run in the US, where demand is higher than in the rest of the world. 

It is expected that by 2019, organic and natural shampoo will be the most popular brands in Britain.

The number 1 shampoo brand is Aura Organic, which was founded in 2012 and has since grown to become the biggest organic shampoo brand in the world, with over 3.5 million followers. 

“We started as a brand in 2011, which has grown to be the biggest shampoo brand, with around 1.5m followers,” said the company’s co-founder and head of sales, Rachel Taylor. 

Aura Organic is based in Bristol, but operates in 10 countries around the world and in the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean. 

Taylor said the organic market is growing because of consumer demand, and organic hair is the next logical step in the hair-care industry.

“The natural hair market is the fastest growing in the beauty industry, so we have a big opportunity to drive that growth,” she said. 

Tanya Babb, founder of the UK’s biggest hair salon chain, the Cosmetics Mart, said the popularity of organic products in the shampoo market was partly due to the popularity and affordability of organic hair.

“It’s just really easy for us to make our products at home,” she told the BBC.

“In some cases, it can be cheaper, and it’s really convenient.”

She said organic shampoo had been the “most popular product” in the salon since the brand’s launch in 2008, and that organic products have made a mark on salon business.

“People are discovering it is easy to make at home, so it’s the perfect time to start selling it,” she added. 

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