What’s in your shampoo?

Organic caviar, organic shampoo and shampoo-maker Biotique Organic, one of the world’s largest organic shampoo companies, is adding another premium to its portfolio.

The company is introducing a new line of shampoo that has organic cavities and organic ingredients, including a bio-engineered algae extract that is 100 percent natural. 

Biotique says its new shampoo has been formulated with the highest quality ingredients to ensure its shelf life and longevity.

The new line is available in four colors, including blue, purple, red and white. 

The new line was designed by a team of Biotiques engineers and chemists, and is made up of five different products, including organic cavity shampoo, organic soap, organic gel shampoo and organic shampoo-making ingredient Biotica.

The shampoo is the first of its kind for Biotia.

The first commercial product to be formulated with this kind of algae extract was the shampoo-made from a single bacterium in 2003. 

“The algae extract, Biotika’s algae-derived natural shampoo, is an environmentally-friendly ingredient that provides a long-lasting, softening and moisturizing effect on skin,” said Biotix CEO Mark Riggs in a statement.

“The new Bioticas algae-based shampoo is designed to help maintain the health and look of our customers for many years to come.”

The algae-powered product has been on the market since 2013 and has become a popular alternative to the more expensive and more expensive-looking organic cavitums.

The algae-laden shampoo is also made with bio-organic ingredients and has no preservatives or synthetic fragrances. 

In 2018, Birox, a British-based natural shampoo and conditioner maker, released a line of algae-containing products.

Biroxts line of natural shampoo is currently in its second year of release. 

Organic soap is made from organic and natural ingredients.

The brands include Eco-Pure and Eco-Clean.

Eco-Natural has a long history of releasing natural soap, and in the past three years, it has released several lines of organic soap.

EcoPure, a UK-based company that has been around for nearly 20 years, has had a major hit in 2017 with a line that has earned it the distinction of being the best-selling natural soap brand in the world. 

Another company, Eco-Mint, has released a brand of organic toothpaste, which has a unique formula that has a rich, thick toothpaste that has no added sugars, preservatives and artificial fragrants. 

A recent study found that a majority of Americans are likely to avoid using products made from algae because of the added sugars and preservatives.

“We are excited to bring our natural shampoo to the marketplace in 2018, where we believe it will be a success,” said co-founder and chief marketing officer of Biroix, Chris Sayers.

“It is a natural and delicious, fresh ingredient that can last for years.

Our customers will be pleased with the results, and our commitment to sustainability will help to keep the industry relevant and profitable.”

The company is also introducing a line with bioengineered seaweed that has an anti-oxidant and antibacterial effect.

Biotja is now offering two versions of its algae-free shampoo: a shampoo with the bioengineer-created seaweed and a shampoo made from the algae-made shampoo.

Biotica has launched its first line of mineral shampoo, which is made with organic minerals.

The mineral-powered shampoo is available at several major retailers, including Target, Nordstrom and Walmart.

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